COP21 Evaluated

COP21 ended somewhat oddly. A text was quickly pushed through on the eve of France regional elections. In these election COP21 President Laurent Fabius’s Socialist Party was fighting for its life and needed something to cheer about. The Paris Agreement reflected more this domestic political reality than it did a step towards protecting our Mother Earth, as our planet is referred to in the Agreement. There are almost no mitigation requirements, no new resources for adaptation, a weak loss and damage provisions that is accompanied by a complete denial of responsibility the the COP Decision, and nothing about new and additional finance. Famed former NASA scientist and now climate justice advocate James Hansen called the agreement a fraud and almost every civil society organization and even a few States that spoke at COP21 criticized it as being too little, too late. One reason COP21 turned out like this is because of the non-transparent, non-open, secretive nature of the negotiations. Read the two articles published in Counterpunch magazine to find out more.

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