INTLawyers calls for WHO to present its mysteriously missing Workplan on Climate Change and Health

International-Lawyers.Org participated in the 138th Executive Board meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland calling for WHO’s Secretariat to present the Workplan on Climate Change and Health that it was asked to present last year by its Member States, but failed to present.

At the at the Executive Board held in January 2015 the item of health and climate change was removed from the World Health Assembly’s agenda under the false pretext that a Workplan on Climate Change and Health  had been adopted. In reality the WHO’s Secretariat had presented only the elements of a Workplan on health and climate change (WHO Doc. EB136/16), i.e. a broad sketch of a what could possibly go into a Workplan. There had been no discussions with States or stakeholders. Furthermore, the process appears as secret as the talks to arrive at the Paris Agreement at COP21 when the French Presidency manipulated the climate change outcome and pushed through an grossly inadequate accord (See INTLawyers video at INTLawyers called on WHO to work closely with a variety of stakeholders i 2016 to develop the elements it had presented in an inclusive and transparent manner in which States, civil society, and all relevant stakeholders are able to provide their inputs into the final Workplan.

For more information, please read: INTLawyers Statement on CC & Health, v1 (1)

Also please watch this video: International-Lawyers.Org representative Ms Karen Wang’s intervention on climate change and health at the 138th Executive Board meeting of the World Health Orgnanization in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday, evening 27 January 2016


The Voice of Truth at COP21 came from Women and Youth, Not the French President

While the Paris Agreement was hailed with pomp and circumstances by the hosts France and especially by French President Hollande and Laurent Fabius, the French Foreign Minister and COP21 President, the outcome was so far short of the minimum effort required to address the most serious adverse effects of climate change. As a consequence global efforts to address climate change may have been irreparably impaired. This result will condemn hundreds of millions of people to death and billions to lives of poverty and suffering.

In its hurry to end COP21 before the second round of the French regional elections, the French shoved through an agreement with little concern for what it contained and in a non-transparent manner. The link below includes the statements by the women and youth coalitions at COP21. These statements came at the very end of the COP21 when most people had left–although to his credit Fabius did return to hear the youth speaker, but not the women’s speaker. They are in our opinion the most honest evaluations of the Paris Agreement of any speaker at the COP2 and they are by people who were there. They can be contrasted to the underhanded and dishonest manner in which Fabius pushed through the Paris Agreement, ignoring States seeking the floor and presenting a major ‘substantive’ change as a ‘technical’ change. Watch the video and let us know your views: Office@International-Lawyers.Org. Also let us know if you have trouble viewing the video, the French government has apparently tried to block it (mainly on Youtube where it was originally posted), although once we react we can get it back up

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