INTLawyers calls for Attention to the Plight of Women Subject to Climate Change

Women & CC

International-Lawyers.Org welcomed the report of the Human Rights Council’s Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food that documented the disproportionate impact that climate change has on the right to food of women and their families. INTLawyers informed the Special Rapporteur of the failure of COP21 to meet the expectations and needs of women effected by climate change, drawing attention to our video that captures the highlights of the critical intervention of the the women’s major group that condemned the Paris Agreement for its failure to adequately address the needs of women. Please view: INTLawyers also asked the Special Rapporteur for recommendations on what could be done to redress this situation within the structures under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change? We eagerly await the Special Rapporteur’s response. INTLawyers is committed to protecting the most vulnerable groups that are exposed to the adverse effects of climate change using the rule of international law.

Please see:

Oral Intervention in the Interactive Dialogue with the SR on the Right to Food and the IE on Foreign Debt at the 31st Regular Session of the Human Rights Council


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